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“My family first started going to Dr. Amber to seek an alternative treatment for my daughter’s ear infections. She was getting 2-3 every month during the winter months when she was an infant. I was a little hesitant at the thought of taking my baby to a chiropractor since I’d never been to one myself. All I knew of chiropractors was that people got their necks and backs “cracked” and I didn’t want that for my baby girl. Dr. Amber assured me that that is not how they treat children or babies since their spines naturally align. I knew my daughter was in the right hands. It only took a couple of visits and Dr. Amber was great with Sienna. She has now been ear infection free and we have gone this entire winter without one trip to the urgent care for another ear infection! I highly recommend all around family care with Dr. Amber. My husband and I have also both been to visit her and will continue to get treated by her. I love that she is now closer to home too! It will make much easier to 

get to her!”

Katherine (Rosemount, MN)

"When I come in to be adjusted by Dr. Amber, it's usually when I'm in some major pain. She can help me feel better with just one adjustment! I have had shoulder blade problems with knots and muscle pain. The thing I Love the most about Dr. Amber is the extra TLC she gives me. She really takes her time to help my pain to go away and I always know she will take great care of me! Besides shoulder blade issues and some occasional low back pain, I also suffer from Lock Jaw. Dr. Amber can adjust that too! She is Amazing!"

Dee (Carver, MN)

I've been seeing Dr. Amber on and off for 5 years for different injuries involving not just my back but ribs and ankles too. Her care and treatments have been truly amazing. Her friendliness and eagerness to fully listen to all of my concerns, along with her dedication to treat and to make sure that I am happy with my progress, is absolutely wonderful. It's easy to see her passion and commitment to each and everyone of her patients. 

Allyson (Eagan, MN)

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